Knox 42
Knox 42
The first all in one AR/VR headset

Meet the 42, the first two in four Augmented and Virtual Reality headset from Knoxlabs.



Launching on Kickstarter soon...

We set out to design the 42 with two things in mind -- it had to be a foldable & a portable wearable. What we didn't know, was that in the process, the 42 would require us to add some fancy fabric-y finishes. We obliged, and it's looking awesome...we can't wait to share them with you on Kickstarter.

The 42 also presented itself to us in a kind of nostalgic way. We started Knoxlabs two plus one years ago, manufacturing virtual reality cardboards for Google and it’s pretty awesome to be revealing our augmented reality headset with Apple’s ARkit announcement. It was also important to us to keep the VR DNA intact, hence why the 42.

We are keeping the details light, but more coming soon...


Rodin Partnership

We are also excited to announce that we partnered with Rodin - an AR/VR development platform - in order to sculpt some Deep Thought AR/VR apps/experiences to ship with your 42. The sculptors at Rodin would love to hear any inputs of what kind of experiences you guys would like -- feel free to shoot them ideas.

Compatibility Stuff

Works with most phones, Apple or Android powered.  Does not require ARKit framework, iOS11, iPhone 8, or ARCore to function. The 42 was designed to be free, free to be an AR or VR headset and give you the freedom to choose on the go. See for more info.

The 42 will launch on Kickstarter very soon. By providing your email, you are ensuring that the 42 will not need 7½ million years to be the ultimate AR/VR headset. ...